Long registration Forms and Its Impact on Conversion

Registration forms provide useful information about customers to businesses. The data they get through these forms helps them to build good targeted marketing decisions. In short registration forms are backbone of every business to understand their customers in a better way. But, what if the information is not proper or accurate? Are traditional customer registration forms provide data with full accuracy?

The answer is No! There are lots of reason why long registration process don’t work and leads to poor conversion rate. In this article I will explain what are the impacts of long registration forms on conversion.

●      Need to Register first before Purchase

Need to sign up or register before making purchase kills the momentum and makes the users leave website and tried for simpler alternatives. It is always advisable to allow users to purchase desirable products first then make them to register on your website.

●      Long Registration forms

Nobody wants to waste time on filling long and frustrating registration forms. Users want easy and quick way of registration. If you ask them irrelevant questions that have no connection with the product they wish to buy, then they lose their patience and definitely leave your website. May be that questions are very important from your business point of view but for users they are nothing more than a headache.

●      Need of another username and password

Creating a new account means need of remembering another username and password. No one likes to create new username and password and verify it. It takes lot of time. Remembering a password for single website is quite easy but for multiple websites it is too difficult. Most of the cases the user decides to leave such websites.

Now these are some problems that makes user to leave website before making the purchase. So what is the solution? Ask less Information?

Yes it is one of the way to avoid users to leave from website. Ask limited questions in your registration forms. But this leads to less user data. Without having enough data it is not possible for business to understand their customers. Therefore it is not a good choice to ask less questions. So what is the real solution?

This is a social age. Implement social sign in on your website. Now what is social sign in?

 Social sign in lets your user to register themselves onto your website with their existing social media account. Advantages of social sign on are as follows:

  1. There is no need to create new username and password.
  2. Makes registration process simple and quick.
  3. Increase signup rates on your website.
  4. Highly reliable data is fetched through social sign on that can be used by marketers to create user oriented marketing strategies.

Social sign on is the best solution for all the above discussed problems. It has now become the first choice of every online marketers to increase their conversion rate. So these are some impact and their solution for long registration forms on conversion.

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